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Rosacea cream diffuse red blotches

  • Corallina (or calciverous algae)
  • Rockrose water
  • Hamamelis floral water
  • Blueberry leaves
  • Sweet almond oil
  • Oat milk

1,7 fl.oz.

This cream of melting texture with a natural fragrance is the daily care for skins subject to constant outside aggression, giving rise to burning sensations, prickling, a sensation of heat or redness. Its concentrate of active principles (hamamelis, blueberry, rockrose, corallina) is a venous tonic that enhances microcirculation. It allows reducing red blotches while protecting your skin, thanks to the soothing properties of oat milk and sweet-almond oil.


34,95 €

Ref : 040541 - 699 € / l-kg

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